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A Unique Investment for Every Investor

Options are the single most effective tool for the management of investment outcomes. However, many investors are overwhelmed by the vast array of possibilities within the options market. The benefit of our technology is the clarity it provides to an advisor seeking to manage outcomes quickly and efficiently.

At Derivaty, our team draws from years of experience managing option strategies and providing advice to individual investors. That unusual combination of expertise has allowed us to build a technological bridge between the options market and the financial advisor. The benefits of managed outcomes are now available to every advisor, and every client.

How it works

Simple, Easy, Efficient Investment Creation

Your Insight

You begin by selecting the asset you, or your client, is interested in - a stock, ETF, index, or basket of assets.

Input Goals

The next step is to define the outcome parameters that transform the chosen asset into a customized investment.

Investment Creation

The Digital Structuring Engine instantaneously builds a selection of investments that meet your parameters. Each is accompanied by a clear summary of the potential outcomes.


You submit your chosen investments to us, and we handle the trading. Securities are allocated into the account or accounts that you specify.

Staying Informed

You have access to customized reports, that reflect the status of your client's unique investments.


Designs Frequently Used to Meet Client Investment Needs

Wealth Defender

Wealth Defender

Create an investment with a specified range of protection, while maintaining a defined degree of upside participation over your chosen time period.

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Income Enhanced Purchase

Income Enhanced Purchase

Help an investor earn income, while providing a potentially favorable entry point for a security they want to own.

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Growth Amplifier

Growth Amplifier

Improve the growth potential of a given security over a specified return range and time frame, without increasing downside risk.

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Virtually Limitless Possibilities

The range of potential investment designs available through the combination of options, stocks, and ETFs is both vast and continually expanding, and our technology is constantly adapting. The templates above address the most common investor needs we have encountered.

However, there are many additional client situations for which we are prepared to create further solutions on demand. If you have a client need that is beyond the scope of what you see here, the next step is to reach out to us to discuss the specifics of your client situation.

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